The new smartphone from Oppo is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S which is one of its kind phones. This smartphone is a high end smartphone that offers the users everything that they need with regards to their mobile phone usage. In this article, we will look at some of the features of this handset and how it can be useful to its users.

The main feature of the smartphone is the design itself. It has a very sleek look which makes it very attractive to look at. It looks like a high-end device and this is because of the materials used for the body. The main body of the smartphone is made of ceramic which gives it a nice glossy look. The glass on top of the device also looks good and is covered with a Gorilla Glass 4 cover.

The back of the smartphone has a smooth glass which complements the Gorilla glass which covers the whole device. Underneath the glass is a heart rate monitor, USB drive, SIM card reader and a miniature LCD screen. The MIUI 12.5 based operating system of the smartphone has been modified by the xiaomi redmi note 10s users to suit their requirements. Users of this unit can experience a cleaner interface which is better than that of the previous handset.

One of the highlights of the smartphone is the large battery which can make users run through a day with a fresh charge. The handset also comes with a fast charging feature which enables it to be used for a longer time. The battery has a capacity of 1700 mAh which enables users to enjoy mobile service for a longer period of time. For those who are worried about their phone being dead for a long time, they need not worry as the xiaomi redmi note 10s can be used for a long time.

The MIUI memory pack has been modified to accommodate more apps which further enhance the performance of the handset. The users can add many apps which are preinstalled in the system. This gives users Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S a free memory space to store data and other applications. The xiaomi redmi note 10s users can further enhance the performance of the handset by installing certain software like YouTube, Yahoo Messenger, Google Maps and many more. The software installation is very easy as there is a provision for users to install the software via the SD card.

The dual SIM smartphone has a unique design where the first SIM slots are placed on the top and bottom of the smartphone. This has facilitated users to insert either a regular SIM card or a microSD to enhance the connectivity options. The dual rear camera is used to take different shots and the front camera is used to capture videos. The MIUI has received a lot of criticism regarding its slow performance and the poor screen shots but these have been addressed with the latest version of the operating system. The improved camera functionality has made the device an all time favourite amongst the users.

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