You are right when you write that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and giving tithes is good. You are wrong though about whom believers should give their tithes. Money offerings can be given to the poor, but not to the pastors. As Jesus said that if you provide to acv health the poor and needy, you actually offer it to Christ. Apostles never taught to give money offerings to any individuals for them to distribute the money or use it as they wish. Give your money directly to those who have a need, and by doing so you will show your love for God.

When my wife and I came to our last church service, after the service was over we said goodbye to a couple of our close friends, I was accused by the Pastor of “Creating Division In The Church”! I’ve had enough, I will probably never be a member of another church again! I might visit this one or that one, but to be a member of any church again, that will never happen. People love to quote ” do not forsake the assembly” not said by JESUS.

Relying on just a book is no longer enough. And He won’t be found in what the churches call spiritual encounters with Him. Another group of friends think that Hinduism, New Age, and other false doctrines are of God. 19 Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline.

This can be done in any place, any “missionary field”. It has no requirements of buildings or boards. Consumer Christianity is the saddest thing to happen to His kingdom.

At this point in my life, I need to attend with no expectations. I agree with many options set out by the author in order to transform the church so it reaches again to every members and non-members. Problem is when a person leaves the church for the reasons you stated, the church just brushes it off as being the problem of the person who left instead of manning up and admitting that the church is the problem. It would take too much effort and cost to overhaul their erroneous system.

We talk “big boy stuff.” The wife asks every week, “what did you talk about? Her church is rest from all the business of the busy marketplace. Resting at home with a cup of coffee and the dog. Her church is me and her talking about the PODcast I just listened to on the internet. I read most of the comments on this post.

But when we put those beliefs into life changing actions outside of our walls and go and do what Jesus and later what his disciples did love others as Christ loved us. This article title caught my attention. I have found myself lately disinterested in attending church and your comment about “we are the church” and comments about being a consumer vs contributor are excellent. I also find churches here unfriendly & cult-like. If you’re not a Baptist & don’t believe in “once saved, always saved” then you’re not welcomed.

I think the reason many of us stopped attending, not stopped believing and serving, are because we feel trapped in the Church of Laodicea. Not a set of man made beliefs requiring our tithes to satisfy the selfish desires of the elders. Jesus himself rebuked the established religious system while He was present on this earth. He encouraged devotion to scripture and soul, living a life of servitude to God in communion with others WHO ARE LIKE-MINDED. My separation from a physical church made me realize how blind and naked I was.

While I agree with much that the article says, I wish that the title of the article was different. To many, it probably does not matter. To me, an English major and a pastor, it matters greatly.

I just finished reading your article. I have been a Christian for 41 exotic chinese fruits years. For the first time, this year, I stopped attending church.

I pray always and I do believe that he is preparing the true church that he will be back for soon. So if you want to know God’s will but are not interested in going to church, take heart, you may be in a better place then you think. Well if I went to a church that accepted all the non-Biblical beliefs like so many churches do today it would be a waste of time. Yes churches have ALWAYS been about accepting anyone and the new code words they use is “we accept all people” for LBGTQ and others.

People don’t attend church because they are not taught the truth. Their ears are tickled by motivational speeches or political ones. And if you want to raise engagement, here are 7 ways to get people more engaged in the mission of your church, so they make the move from merely attending church to being the church. But that also means we live in an age where attending church for attendance’s sake is dying.

No pastor, elder leadership and a community that is committed to using their spiritual gifts to build up the church. The energy can be felt when you walk in the door! We have a teaching dim supplement team, four people who are trained for that, varied in how they present, but always centered on Jesus and God’s Word. Best churches I have ever been a part of had no paid staff.

I feel sorry for you that you have to come onto this site and display the kind of mentality that turned me away from Him back in the 80s. That being the hateful and excessively judgmental attitude the Religious Right had back in those days. If that’s how I’m supposed to be–in your eyes anyway–hateful and looking down on all those who are not walking with Him and calling it “being concerned about who goes to hell or not,” then I pity you. Going to leave it at that and go back to walking my own route with Him now. They hardly are encourafged to open a Bible. Basically the churches have faield to teach the truth.

This is a great and necessary article. People often quit church because it’s long and boring. After an hour I am usually itching to leave.

Like all the other coffee makers, the Ninja Coffee bar needs regular cleaning and maintenance. If it is never cleaned and always left dirty, it might stop working as intended. The cleaning of the product depends on how frequently it is used. Are my church services a performance or is it communal worship? Then like any good presenter speaker preacher leader take a look at the body language in your pews/seats.

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