Eurojackpot, a subsidiary of Norsk Tipping, organizes lottery games in 18 European countries. The project has been operating since 1998. A national website and games have been developed for each country.

Features of Eurojackpot Norge

  • A large number of maximum winnings — up to 90 million euros;
  • The minimum jackpot amount is 10 million euros, regardless of the number of sales;
  • The prize fund is distributed from 50% of the fees for the sale of coupons in Europe;
  • Guarantee fund for jackpot payout;
  • Independent control of the integrity of the percentage distribution of winnings by a representative of Veikkaus Oy and an independent observer from the Gambling Department of the National Police Council of Finland;
  • The sweepstakes are held every Friday Central European time from 20.00 to 21.00 and are broadcast on the website during the live broadcast;
  • Tickets are sold daily from 6.30 to 23.54 and on Fridays from 6.30 to 19.00;
  • 25% of the cost of each ticket sold goes to funds for physical culture, gambling, and the development of civil society;
  • Statistics of winning numbers for the selected period for the formation of a winning strategy.

What can be won

is set as a percentage of the number of fees for ticket sales in Norge Euro Jackpot or Norsk Tipping — is set as a percentage of the number of fees for ticket sales in 18 countries. There are 12 winning options; the probability of winning a level 12 prize is 1:42, and the jackpot is 1:95,344,200.

How to play Eurojackpot

Firstly, to play Norge Euro Jackpot — or Norsk Tipping — you need to reach the age of 18+. On the main page of the service, there is an interactive map of Europe with links to the partners of the game. The player’s country is selected, and the corresponding flag is pressed. The results of the latest draws are displayed on the right. If desired, you can subscribe to the results newsletter.

In Norway, the ticket price is 12.50 crowns. Through the form of an electronic or paper coupon, 5 numbers out of 50 and 2 out of 10 are selected. If desired, you can select random numbers through the lottery terminal. The ticket is saved until the drawing and presented to receive the winnings. After the lottery game, the results are checked on the website, at the points of sale of LOTTO coupons, mobile application LOTTO, or by calling the hotline +49 251 7006 1222.

If the ticket holder loses, the “Play again” function is available to him within 90 days. Upon presentation of the old losing coupon to the seller, he replaces it with an identical one for the next game. To collect the winnings, the amount of which does not exceed 2,280 crowns, a lottery ticket is presented at the Totalizator Seiches lotto points.


Winnings from 10 million euros are paid in euros or crowns, at the request of the player. The remaining amounts are paid in crowns. Other games are also hosted on the national lottery website. Branches of Totalizator Seiches do not pay out winnings on their tickets. This is done by the relevant lottery developers. Read more reviews on the website – casino-online.no.

The lotto has its support service. Here are the contacts: